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Emmy-nominated TV Producer and Writer · Script Consultant
Travel Writer · Author · Public Speaker


My experience covers the entire production process. I’ve taken programs from concept to completion with creative problem solving and teamwork. This includes development, scheduling, budgeting, supervising crews, rough cut editing, and supervising post. My work involves extensive travel, interviewing experts, cutting promos, and staging dramatic recreations.

I’ve been nominated twice for an Emmy Award—as a writer and producer—and my work has aired on Discovery Chanel, History Channel, Travel, Science, Nat Geo, BBC, TLC and AHC.

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Documentary, Screenplays, Travel Blogger, Instructor, Author

I’ve written every program I produced or directed—including dozens of prime time documentaries for Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel, Science, BBC and others. My Beyond the Da Vinci Code received an Emmy nomination.

My feature experience includes a half-dozen produced or optioned screenplays, and writing coverage on 3000 screenplays as a Story Analyst for DreamWorks, HBO, Universal Studios, Sony and others. I also teach dramatic screenwriting.

My MFA is in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute.

The travel writing I do is a quest for fresh angles, experiences and observations in the business of traveling the world, both as a tourist and a professional. Check the articles on this page.

Somebody had to do it… I’m the author of a funny, skeptical history of religion called WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A CHOCOLATE JESUS?  More…

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Humorous Talks and Visual Presentations

There’s lots to talk about out there, and I work th bring the least expected, most surprising facts and observations to popular and offbeat topics.  With humor, skepticism, and maybe a little attitude, I deliver talks on subjects like:

  • America’s Pagan Family Values
  • A History of Conspiracy Theories
  • Beyond the Da Vinci Code
  • Why I Don’t Believe in Aliens

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The day Abraham saved his son by offering a little off the top.  Ouch! Listen…